specialising in long document design, photo clean ups,
deep etching, detailed information graphics and campaign collateral rollouts.


At the moment, I'm looking for work that your in house design team or crack design commando may not necessarily want to do. Design tasks such as typesetting looooong documents, post processing hundreds of photos or deep etching lots of little objects for a catalogue to producing lots of ad templates from a single style concept or rolling out collateral for a campaign.

These time consuming tasks don’t need constant supervision and interaction within the office and so would allow me to work from home and at odd hours if required. Im still available to come in to pick up and drop off work. I may have the rugrat in tow but I promise she’s housetrained.

Of course I do regular design work as well. Corporate identity branding, brochures, stationery, signage, website design, publication layouts etc.

So give me a call or drop an email off with your assignment and see what I can do for you.


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