pictures are worth a sight more than words.

so here are few selected pieces to show a range of my design skills. need to see more? feel free to contact me.



Advertising Design

Ad for an airline, advertising for a position available within the company.

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Photo Clean up & Campaign Rollout

Taking a campaign concept and rolling out the campaign components which included tray liners, high school kits, web referral cards, posters, press and web ads.

Involved the clean up of photos taken at a photoshoot, deep etching and image resource management for a seamless workflow.

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Book Design

Design and layout of an employer handbook. Designed to look more like a magazine than a corporate document to engage the target audience - the information was displayed in bite sized chunks for ease of digestion.

Includes photography taken by Kung Fu Creative.

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Visual Identity, Website & related collateral

Design of logo and visual identity for a not for profit childcare centre.

Design and construction of website along with the re-organisation of important information into clear and concise sections - it is now a valuable resource for parents, staff and newcomers. The website includes maps, policies, a calendar, parent info pack which includes enrolment forms etc

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Design of related visual identity collateral included a parent handbook, signage, enrolment forms, stationery etc.




Visual Identity, Website & related collateral

Design and production of brochure for an accounting and finance recruitment company.

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Brochure Design

Design of a visual look and feel and production of product brochures for a specialty glass company.

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Magazine Design & Production

Design, production and management of an annual 180 page astrology magazine.

Required the meticulous management of article and image assets through to design and print production quality control.

A highly detailed publication with intricate graphs and tables.

Included the design of shipping box which folded out into a point of sale display box.

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Information Design

Design of a stylised map to represent the Brisbane train network.

Highly detailed and stylised for a clean and legible display.

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